Spend your vacation here, in town of Vodice, where the landscape is breathtaking with crystal clear sea, your holiday will be completely different, because town of Vodice is rich in spirit, attracting ” whith that something” and once you arrive, you’ll be back again.
The folks in Vodice say for themselves: “We do not have monuments of some kind, but you will feel in our small town better than at home.”
Vodice is one of the most popular and most visited tourist towns in Dalmatia, with nearly one million overnight stays per year located in a picturesque bay on the central Adriatic, surrounded by numerous islands of the Kornati archipelago, close to the historic town Šibenik

This little town is exciting day and night, always with new and unusual events.

The town is widely known for traditional festivals, Easter and Christmas traditions, cultural and entertainment events, festivals, the night of the Dalmatian songs, and sports competitions: race, big game fishing, biking …

Festival in Vodice, which is held by from 2. to 4. August is one of the most important events in year. The festival consists of folk and evening choir, and the highlight of last night with performances of Croatian music stars, house parties in the mail town square, wild rock … Squares, streets, waterfront (Riva) are up to early morning hours full of joyful singing of about thirty thousand tourists.

Other manifestations are Jazz Festival in July, the waiter race on streets of Vodice in May , the June motto meetings and late summer event “Sasha and polenta” when people cook real Vodice specialties.
Vodice is a favorite destination of young people who come to the party until the early morning hours, in the city center.


At night the center is full of bars, but the real fun starts from 17 am in 2 famous Hookah beach bars and in Punta Olympia, the after beach party. Loud house music, colorful cocktails, chilled beers, go-go dancers, and loudest of all, singing MC! Morning coffee you can drink in the other beach bars on more than 5 km long beaches of Vodice.

Already in 23:00 hours night life begins at the city’s waterfront (Riva). Few unavoidable are: Bars Bombastic, Mojito, Opium, Sundial with rock music, Virada, Club Exit for summer or disco hits, and only 1 km away from the city’s center is club Hacienda

Market with fresh fruits and vegetables and bakery with hot biscuits and cakes is open from early morning until late at night

Families with children, as well as young people, choose Vodice as their destination, because they have for their needs rich variety of attractive events during daytime and evening on the beaches and in the town.

The town center teeming with cozy taverns and inns. The well known tavern have simple name “Tavern”, located on the street only 80 cm wide. We also recommend taverns Rustica, and Santa Maria Mexican Restaurant because peanuts on the tables you can eat for free and throw shells on the floor, and there are parrots that amuse crowd passing by. Arausa restaurant is excellent and the owner often offer their domestic products in front of restaurants to people passing by for free.

The hotel Punta is a dental and cosmetic surgery center in which a large number of guests are coming to solve health problems because of the high quality services and affordable prices, while at the hotels Punta and Olympia you can relax in the wellness centers.

In the museum: “Aquarium and museum of maritime tradition” awaits visitors with 16 aquariums with the flora and fauna of the central Adriatic, ship models, the precious cargo from sank ships, amphorae, sponges, corals, and thousands of shells.

You can enrich your stay with numerous excursions:
– Picnic boat to the National Park Kornati by boat or car to the national park Krka at Skradinski Buk, Roski, Visovac and in Skradin ancient town which has now become the center of an nautical elite
– A regular boat service in a beautiful place on the island Sepurina Prvić. In the past, right here Sibenik wealthy families built their summer homes. Among them was the family Faust Vrančić, a famous Croatian inventor of parachutes. In nearby Prvic Luka is Fausts grave, and exhibition of his inventions. After visiting Prvic with ferryboat, you can continue sailing to Zlarin coral island and to Sibenik through the sea channel, unique in its beauty on the Adriatic.
– Car to the nature park Vrana lake in which is the ornithological park, to Paklenica national park or to the historical towns of Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir, Split

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